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Cricuit Sand Cards

My first video …. I love crafts and for many reasons over the years it has been difficult to find a craft that my daughter could be successful at.  Well we finally tweaked a craft that both of us can do together and enjoy!.  Laura enjoys giving cards to families and friends and if you have a circuit, you can make sand cards that look fantastic!  You just need to keep your design simple and kiss cut your design on label paper and glue onto a blank card.  All Laura needs to do is peel and sprinkle and voila, beautiful cards!  Take a look at the video and see what you think!


First Post

Well here goes my first post at Visionary Adaptations. I have had this name/idea for years and finally decided it was time to share some of my ideas. My background …. I work in special education and have had many roles throughout my career (teacher, consultant, coordinator). I am the proud parent of two daughters and the proud wife of one amazing environmental biologist. My daughter Laura has Down Syndrome and mild Cerebral Palsy. Laura and I enjoy technology as a learning tool and of course having fun too!