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I love the idea of adding qrcodes to a students’ flashcards, step-by-step instructions, stories or posters. A qrcode is an easy way to link a student to a video on Youtube or any Internet location which can provide additional background informtion. So many students have smart phones …. imagine a video illustrating a step by step instructions for a student learning a new concept, or simply adding background information! Technology is wonderful!! As a scanner there are so many to choose from.  I like the app called Best Bar Code scanner by SimpleAct Inc. because it has a simple user interface which is  – you guessed it – easy for students with special needs to use!  

Try the flashcards below (made Boardmaker Software) and scan the qrcode. As a student, I think using a qr reader would be not only educational but fun! I like the site http://www.qrstuff.com/ to develop a qr code because you can color code your image.  I am very new to qrcodes so sorry if this all seems so simplistic!